Toucan is a New Orleans advertising firm dedicated to solving problems. We work with you to learn about your business goals, build creative solutions and measure the effectiveness of your investments. With a team of writers, designers, developers, videographers and strategists, we are fully equipped to take your brand to the next level and beyond.

What makes us different? 

Our realistic way of thinking. Our ridiculous way of thinking. Our dashing execution. Our charming demeanor. Our workhorse mentality.

The list goes on, but in reality, it comes down to us caring about you, the client. It shapes what we do and how we do it to help you reach your goals. With years of experience in advertising, marketing and creative services, we’ve learned how to develop campaigns in any marketplace, but it's all for nothing if it isn't delivering the results you desire.

When you win, we win. 



Toucan takes a strategy-first approach to advertising. We’ve never heard of a blanket solution to a communication problem, and we don’t pretend to have one. A real, customized solution takes time and patience. We step into your shoes on day one so that we can objectively analyze and subjectively attack the situation. 

What does this look like with you? Let’s take a look.


First, we learn. 

We study your day-to-day, talk to your customers and gauge brand sentiment. We work with you to set goals for your brand. Do you want more followers? More ticket sales? A larger presence in a new market? We ask questions that will help us develop a creative strategy that moves the right numbers.


Next, we build. 

Our writers, designers, developers and videographers bring this strategy to life, collaborating to make art that’s worth sharing. Whether you’re updating your website, designing a new logo or launching a print campaign, we have the team and the tools to create the campaign of your dreams.


Finally, we measure.

“If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative.” -David Ogilvy

Putting your beautiful new content out there is just the beginning. After we produce, we track, log and analyze effectiveness based on your brand objectives. Each campaign is different, so we work with you to determine which key metrics to measure.




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Luke Jones

Principal & Founder


Luke serves principal, brand consultant, marketing strategist and copywriter for Toucan Advertising. Prior to launching Toucan, Luke worked as a copywriter, social strategist and in-house marketing coordinator for a variety of firms and companies in New Orleans. An experienced marketer and storyteller, Luke works hand-in-hand with businesses to strategically grow brands and transform conversations into customers. In addition to being a podcast host and speaker, Luke is also co-author of The Big Fish Experience, a how-to book focused on creating and presenting engaging presentations.



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Graphic Design

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Johnny Sciortino

Motion Graphics

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Lafe Jones

Strategic Planning

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John Parker Ford

Public Relations





The toucan is a tribal symbol often carved on totem poles by native tribes, representing communication and showmanship. Its colorful appearance and large bill indicate a strong desire to be seen and heard, and when the toucan appears before you, it is likely time for you to step forward out of the shadows and into the limelight. The toucan is here to boost your self-esteem, to show you that it is safe to take off the mask and reveal your true self. 

So, let's do that.