Hinton Orthopedics



Hinton Orthopedics has been practicing in the Lake Charles area for the more than 20 years. An active member of both the medical and Lake Charles community, Hinton Orthopedics specializes in orthopedic procedures, including all surgeries with knees, shoulders, ankles, hands/elbows and joint replacements.


As a staple in the Lake Charles community, Hinton Orthopedics has built a reputation of excellence and service that attracted patients through word of mouth. When Hinton Orthopedics hired Toucan to increase its number of joint replacement surgeries, our team jumped into action to design their logo, develop a responsive website, maintain its social media channels, produce an animated explainer video as well as launch a Google AdWords campaign.

Targeting men and woman ages 55-75 in the Lake Charles area, Toucan’s campaign centered around “getting back to doing the things you love” and “freeing yourself from joint pain.” Happy, active imagery complemented the inspirational messaging and resonated with the older audience.

Toucan Advertising-Hinton Orpthopedics Logo_Color.png



Key metrics from Toucan’s initial four-month Facebook and Adwords campaign can be found below. The increase in patient appointments is the first step toward the goal of getting more joint replacement surgeries. Therefore, we can conclude that it worked.

Toucan Advertising_Hinton Orthopedics Metrics.png