Leigh Isaacson on Dogs, Marketing and Entrepreneurship

In this episode of Briefly, Luke sat down with Leigh Isaacson to talk all things dogs, marketing and entrepreneurship.

About Leigh Isaacson

Leigh Isaacson is the Co-Founder of Dig - The Dog Person's Dating App. Dig is an iOS mobile dating app for dog owners and dog lovers. As Co-Founder and CEO of the start-up company, Leigh is in charge of fundraising, management, investor relations, daily operations, business partner acquisition, financials, longterm marketing strategies, social media campaigns, and monthly active user growth. Dig was part of the IdeaX Accelerator Program through Idea Village in New Orleans and was selected as a finalist for 2018 MassChallenge Boston.

Leigh is an also an instructor at Tulane University, where she teaches a master's course in Media, Terrorism and Disasters master's students in the Homeland Security and Emergency Response Management program. She also teaches Introduction to Journalism to undergraduate students in the public relations department. Topics include ISIS' use of social media, communication methods in times of domestic terrorism and disaster, interview techniques, and preventing hysteria.

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