Introducing "Briefly": A Podcast by Toucan

Ever since we started Toucan a little less than a year ago, we’ve wanted a platform where we could not only share our insights about marketing with the public, but also create connections and learn from other marketers. While a blog is a great way to provide marketing guidance and educate our network about marketing tips and best practices, we thought we needed to take the next step in producing original content.

So, we created Briefly, a podcast where we briefly talk shop and strategy with marketers, leaders and creatives, about their marketing philosophies, stories and challenges.

Our goal is to explore brands and to share with our listeners how our guests do what they do. Many organizations have their own way of looking at their goals, objectives, strategies, audience, etc., but everyone in every industry is selling something, whether it’s a product, service, idea, time, space, advice, etc. There’s always something we can learn from one another.

Essentially, Briefly is an exercise for guest, host and listener to learn how different brands position themselves and why. It’s an interview, strategy discussion and learning experience, all rolled into one.  

In Briefly’s inaugural episode, we have a discussion with Lafe Jones, the owner and principal consultant for Lafe Jones & Associates, a planning, marketing and management firm, based in Alexandria, LA.

About Lafe Jones

In addition to serving 15 years as CEO for a regional company with multiple locations and more than 100 employees, Lafe is also an Accredited Public Relations (APR) professional who has more than 15 years of experience managing his independent marketing and strategic planning company, serving a variety of clients throughout the country. Lafe not only provides consulting services, he is also a specialist in coaching and training teams as well as a seasoned public speaker, having given presentations at management and marketing conferences at the local, regional and national levels for decades.

Take a listen below and look for Briefly in the Apple Podcasts app, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher or wherever you get your podcasts. Comments are welcome! Drop us a line in the comments, tweet at us at @toucanads or shoot us an email at 

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