The Plight of the Modern Marketer

“Do more with more!”

Today’s marketing pros have a tall order to fill, with endless free tools at their fingertips, we find ourselves biting our fingernails asking “which ones do we use?”

Marketing departments have always worn hats on hats on hats, but now that the channels and sub-channels have multiplied exponentially, so have the responsibilities. Some industries are unique, but most marketers are responsible for everything from website maintenance to event planning to videography, all within the company. The best part? All of this is usually done by less than 5% of the company. These miniature business development/public relations/sales conglomerates exist in almost every industry.

This isn’t a problem - it’s simply a challenge.

All of this responsibility on such few shoulders means that having the right tools and resources are more important than ever before. When time is critical, your team needs systems already in place to handle the rise in workload. Different companies have different strategies to allocate their resources. Some of these involve hiring more employees and building a robust, streamlined in-house team. Others keep the home team lean and work with outside vendors to get things done, from full-service agencies to one-off freelancers.

Of course, there are pros and cons for each strategy. More employees means more overhead and fixed costs. Fewer employees means being at the mercy of a third party vendor or paying high agency fees for account service. Some companies, however, opt for a third option: a smart mixture of both.

That’s where Toucan comes in.

We are founded on the belief that in today’s loud, tech-infused, screenlit world, the brand that speaks the truth to someone, not everyone, is building a legacy for themselves. This means concentrating your efforts on the tasks and consumers that matter most - the ones who are buying what you’re selling.

Toucan is a lean strategic ad studio with a team of writers, designers, videographers and developers who can help your marketing team without getting in the way or costing a fortune. Staying lean and tapping the right resources is the key to designing a marketing department that can adjust with the ebbs and flows of any business. If you’re looking for some help or would simply like to talk strategy, give us a call or email us here!

Here’s to doing less with less.

Toucan is a New Orleans-based advertising agency.

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